Why I Ride A Bike


I have always ridden a bicycle…growing up in poverty, meant that riding a bike was the only way to get around, and growing up in Southern California in the 60’s & 70’s meant total freedom to come and go as a child, as I pleased! I did not realize until very recently, that the freedom a bicycle brings, also means a freedom to keep an aging body going.  With a knee injury and subsequent surgery to repair the meniscus, my orthopedic doc told me that my immediate future in recovery would require movement via either bicycling, or swimming, so I chose bicycling as it was something I could do right out my front door. And riding a bike? Never forget how, as they say.

I already had a mountain bike, as I did ride my young sons around all of their childhood, but I knew that I needed to become a bit more proactive on the safety side, so I bought myself a midlife cruise type bike, with a step-through bar, so as to avoid catching my leg on a man’s style cross bar frame and chancing a broken hip!

Love love love my new bike! 27 speeds means that there is no hill I can’t navigate, and in Northern CA, there are always hills around…I went from 3 days a week of an hour long bike ride, to currently, 5-6 days per week, of a one hour ride per day…Losing 45 lbs last year was the impetus to up my ride time, and losing that weight also gave me complete pain relief in the knee!

I will always ride a bike, I suppose. My mom did this also, after her divorce when she had a 5 yr old and an infant to care for…I have no memory of my mom driving me in a car, and now? I realize that was her legacy…if she could do it as an aging mom, I surely could do it as an empty nester! Ride a bike. It will change your life!

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Bonus Points: That is Cookie kitty in the photo, she is my “Cookie Darling”…the longest uphill incline in my hour long ride is to the end of a cul-de-sac street. Cookie lives on this street, and when she saw me riding along, she started to run after me! I met her owner, and found out as a rescue kit-kat, she is a lover girl, and I adore that she wants ME to love!

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