Nursery Cats 101



I grew into my animal loving heart slowly….my appreciation for animals, cats & dogs, began as I grew into a mature woman. Practical me says bringing one into my home means I must be ready and prepared to accept the sacrifices necessary to commit to the animal’s lifetime, not just for as long as it is easy.

Giving up things, like easy vacations, and even coming & going throughout any given day, were issues that would be considered very seriously before committing to getting a new dog or cat…thus, I am animal-less at the moment.  When I realized it would be awhile before getting another dog or cat, I knew I would be looking for love in other places…and thus my journey into seeing cats at nurseries began! I actually look for dogs to pet and cats to talk to, most everywhere I go….it’s not too hard to find any, either, in this area of the country I live in.

Berkeley and Lake Tahoe are so dog friendly in their places of business, and I prefer to purchase my goods in shops that have a shop dog or cat..that tells me something of the owner, if they allow their employees, or even they themselves, to bring their dog or cat to work.

So, as for the cats I see in the garden nurseries I frequent, I usually find them right as I get into the place, and we have a “chat” to set the scene….always a lovely calming moment or two, before I venture off to buy my plants & flowers.  One thing about cats, they know when you love them! I believe it has to do with scent, and how your vibe comes off.  I know my heart rate and general sense of well being equalize when I find myself in the company of a friendly nursery cat (or 2 !)


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