COCKTAIL HOUR: Top 3 Drinks in Blazin’ Walnut Creek * Plus 2 at Farmstead in St. Helena!



  1. Red Sangria ! This fabulous drink comes courtesy of Teleferic Barcelona, a  new(ish) restaurant in Walnut Creek that opened in a brand new building on the corner of 2 busy streets near the Plaza. Highly recommend this drink! In addition to the Spanish (imported) red wine, there is brandy & gin, along with the typical fruit! One and done!
  2.  Apple Ginger Mule…this delish drink comes from a brand new restaurant in Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza proper, called True Food Kitchen….sumptuous drink menu, I am currently working my way down the 7 cocktail drink list…this one in particular was stunning! The fig infused vodka was the star! And NO ginger beer (not my fav ingredient)
  3.  Thai Grapefruit Martini, another stand-out drink from True Food Kitchen (see above) …simple, clean, fresh! Thai basil, grapefruit (fresh, as are all the citrus ingredients) and organic vodka. Stellar!
  4.   *Pisco Punch, a lovely afternoon tipple from St. Helena’s Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch restaurant….right off of Hwy 29! Easy to get to, outdoor seating amongst the apple trees that block your view of the highway….Capurro pisco, lemon, mint & grapefruit soda float complete this libation.
  5. *Pimms Cup #2….a winner, not just for the horsey set! Graton Distilling Co. Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin, Pimm’s, lemon, lime, & ginger ale! Very smooth, perfect for a hottish day cruising the wineries in the region!

A veritable bouquet of flavors, those drinks above. Highly recommend JUST ONE, no need to impair the driving abilities, now, right? 😉



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